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As 2015 winds down, I wanted to share something new with all – I have created my Photography website Ratul Maiti Photography. I was thinking of writing my first post article and I thought how cool that would be to share the learning of creating a website. I have always considered making a website to showcase the photos that I take but never really put in the effort nor the time to actually sit down and get it ready. Now that, I see how easy it is to create a website, I also want to tell you, who might be thinking of making one but for some reason or the other have been putting it off – thinking it costs a lot of money or need some coding to get it up and running. I have zero coding experience but the internet these days are so full of information that you can pretty much do things in a much cheaper way. So, for those who are interested to get your website started, these are the steps you need –

Domain name – ( – less than $15/year

Hosting – This will store all the files – there are multiple plans ($3.95/mo for 36 months). But be careful, if you are not paying attention you might pay for all the three years right upfront. The customer Service at Bluehost is very good and even if you make a mistake of paying for all three years they can still refund you and switch you to the month-to-month basis.

Theme –  You can use default WordPress themes but there are other options like Themetrust where you can get customized themes depending on your website content. It can cost less than $50.

I have used Bluehost for my domain and hosting. Once you register your domain you can click to install the WordPress site.

Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography shows in his youtube video how to Build a Photography website in 5 minutes is a great resource and very easy to follow.

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